King Ranch is the premier hunting destination for whitetail deer, nilgai, turkey, feral hog, javelina, and other game. King Ranch conducts its hunts in a free-range, low-fence, fair-chase environment, offering great opportunities for both experienced and novice hunters. As outlined below, we offer both Day Hunts and Package Hunts for both rifle and archery hunters. While most of our hunts are geared toward nilgai or whitetail deer, we can build custom package hunts with lodging to include duck, Rio Grande Turkey, dove, javelina, bay fishing, predators, and other game species as part of your package. You’ll hunt the wildlife habitat among huge live oak mottes, thousands of acres of mixed brush environments, and extensive coastal prairies. It’s an incredible opportunity to experience King Ranch, its renowned hunting, and entertain family and friends.

Our professional guides have a wealth of information about the history of King Ranch, its wildlife, game management techniques, and much more. During every hunt, we guarantee the opportunity at a fair shot and an incredible hunting experience. The hunter will have exclusive daily access to habitat (often referred to as part of “The Last Great Habitat”) managed in harmony to the benefit of both livestock and our native flora and fauna, which will allow for a quality hunting experience for generations to come. Harvest quotas are firmly established and enforced as part of our density based, sustainable harvest model.

We’ve included more information below about our most popular hunts. If you scroll down further, you can see both the Day Hunts and Packaged Hunts offered by King Ranch. Please visit our Book A Hunt tab to submit your interest in scheduling a hunt or call (361) 221-0350 for more information.

Hunt Descriptions

King Ranch first acquired nilgai brood stock principally from the San Diego Zoological Garden in the late 1920s. Today, there are over 18,000 nilgai on King Ranch’s Norias division, which is a popular pursuit for any hunter. Nilgai are challenging to hunt, given their impressive eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell. All of these elements make our nilgai hunts an incredible hunting experience. Depending on what the conditions dictate, nilgai hunts can be customized for still hunting, stalking, or safari style hunts.

Additionally, many health-conscious hunters view nilgai (and deer) as a lean, natural and healthy alternative to other proteins. Given the relatively large size of nilgai (up to 600 lbs. for a bull and 300 lbs. for a cow) and milder taste than some other game species, many hunters harvest one or more nilgai on their hunts for year-long use.

Hunting whitetail deer on King Ranch is an experience that is second to none. Due to limited bookings per pasture, tightly controlled access, and strictly enforced quotas, the likelihood of seeing an appropriate buck to harvest in the assigned pasture(s) are very high. King Ranch offers both rifle and archery hunts for white-tail deer as well as both day hunts and package hunts that can be designed to fit almost every hunters needs. In addition, we welcome appropriately trained youth hunters, as it’s a fantastic place for someone young to harvest their first buck.

We offer a variety of different management-level deer hunts, ranging from 100 B&C to 130 B&C inches, all the way up to hunts for bucks scoring from 130 to 149 B&C inches. Although these hunts are commonly booked a year in advance, a limited number of hunts are usually available throughout the season due to cancellations. Some common hunting methods include safari style, spot-and-stalk, still hunting, hunting on ladder or ground type stands (predominately archery hunts), rattling, and/or other methods as chosen by your professional guide to fit the appropriate time of season, location, and hunter desires. A day afield with a King Ranch guide is a lesson in history, wildlife, natural resource management, and hunting and harvest strategies. Most importantly, it will be an unforgettable experience and a long lasting memory.

King Ranch conducts its fair chase archery nilgai hunts on over 35,000 acres that are managed primarily for bow hunting. Nilgai range over very large areas and are not bound to a single pasture. However, their movements, watering locations, and fence crossings are fairly predictable. They’re frequently found in areas with deep sandy soils within the largest contiguous live oak motte in the State of Texas.

The day usually begins hunting the fence crossings. These are great spots to intersect a nilgai traveling from their bedding to their feeding areas. We use ladder stands positioned downwind of a trail we have identified as an active crossing location. These are also great locations to view all types of wildlife.

One of the most popular methods is hunting in a ladder stand adjacent to a waterhole. The 15-35 yard shot opportunities are incredible when the conditions are right. A third option for the experienced bow hunter is spot and stalk style hunting. This type hunt is for those hunters that are comfortable with and capable of shots of over 35 yards. These hunts can only be attempted when the winds are at least 15 miles per hour or higher to mask the guide and hunter’s scent and movement. These hunts are very productive, usually starting in March and going all the way through Fall.

Day Hunts

Come experience one of our incredible day hunts on King Ranch. With these day hunts, you’ll need to make your own lodging accommodations in Kingsville, TX. Once you’ve called and booked your hunt, your assigned guide will call you a week ahead of time to confirm your meeting location and other details.

Please visit our Book A Hunt tab to submit your interest in booking a hunt and one of our staff members will reach out to follow up with you to book your hunt. Keep in mind that custom day hunts can be arranged. Please call for pricing and availability.

Package Hunts

Bring a group and come enjoy one of our packaged hunts, where you’ll get to stay in King Ranch lodging and see a plethora of wildlife. Lodging for a cook or one additional guest is provided in the hunting packages below. Where applicable, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department or managed land deer permits will apply.

Once you explore the details of our packaged hunts below, either visit our Book A Hunt tab to submit your interest in scheduling a hunt or call (361) 221-0350 for more information. Once you’ve booked your hunt, your assigned guide will call you a week ahead of time to confirm your meeting location and other details. Full payment is required before scheduling a hunt.