Hunt the Renowned King Ranch

King Ranch attracts visitors from all over the world who want to experience
one of the most exclusive hunting destinations in America and one of the Lone Star State’s most iconic treasures.

King Ranch, comprising over 825,000 acres in South Texas, is the premier destination for hunting in the United States. Furthermore, King Ranch is the birthplace of Texas game conservation and the proof is evident in the quantity and quality of wildlife found within its boundaries. For example, King Ranch is one of the last strongholds of wild, native quail. In addition, King Ranch is home to many non-game species, 35 threatened and endangered species, over 386 migratory waterfowl and other birds, and other native flora and fauna. Additionally, King Ranch is home to approximately:

  • 70,000 white-tail deer
  • 6,000 turkey
  • 18,000 nilgai
  • 2,000 javelina

King Ranch offers a limited number of low-fence, fair-chase hunts as part of our ongoing wildlife management program. Most of the pastures and areas on which we conduct our guiding hunting programs are larger than most ranches, and the hunter is likely to see a plethora of game and non-game species alike. Come join us to experience the hunt of a lifetime and the legacy of King Ranch.