Founded in 1853, King Ranch comprises 825,000 in South Texas. Throughout its history, King Ranch has established itself as a leader in both ranching and wildlife management. King Ranch’s primary focus is on the stewardship of the ecosystem and land. This focus, coupled with innovative vision and management techniques, makes the land simultaneously productive for wildlife, livestock, other fauna and the native range.

As a result of these efforts, King Ranch is the premier hunting destination for many game species in the United States. King Ranch conducts all of its hunts in a low-fence, fair-chase environment that offers great opportunities for both experienced and novice hunters. In addition to ensuring that you have an unforgettable hunt, our professional guides are deeply knowledgeable about the history of the Ranch and its legacy. In addition to seeing many game species, hunters are likely to see a plethora of birds and over 35 threatened and endangered species on King Ranch. King Ranch’s magnificent wildlife and incredible beauty can only be experienced in person.

King Ranch is also an outstanding location for ecotourists and photographers. Situated at the confluence of several migratory pathways, the ranch is a virtual highway for migrating birds in both fall and spring. King Ranch was named as a site on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail and as a Globally Important Bird Area by the American Bird Conservancy, as the Ranch boasts a bird list of 386 species. Over the years, the ranch has also hosted a large number of rare birds including double-striped thick-knee, jabiru, Eurasian widgeon, masked duck, aplomado falcon, and garganey. King Ranch also has the largest population of the endangered pygmy owls of any private property in the U.S. Learn more about King Ranch and its Visitor Center tours by visiting our Corporate website.

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